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Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Since 1984, MEDS has successfully executed a variety of contracts including Base Operations and Maintenance, Base Operating Support Services, Civil Engineering, and Facilities Management projects. MEDS provides comprehensive O&M support, with core competencies including, but not limited to, the following:

  •  Reliability Centered Maintenance
  •  HVAC
  •  Electrical
  •  Plumbing
  •   Life Support Systems
  •  Utility Control Systems (UCS)
  •  Power Production
  •  Energy Management
  •  Fire Protection
  •   Security

  •  Roof Inspection/Management
  •  Alarm Systems
  •  Boiler Operations
  •  Chiller Operations
  •  Elevator Operations and Maintenance
  •  Grounds Maintenance
  •  Roads/Pavement Sustainment and Maintenance
  •  Custodial
  •  Entomology/Pest Control

MEDS offers full-spectrum O&M support to our Government customers, with our highly qualified engineers and technicians meeting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition to the day-to-day execution of the contract, we also understand the importance and value of peripheral elements such as Contract Transition Execution, and Recruiting and Retention.

Recruiting and Retention

MEDS offers competitive salaries and high-value benefits packages to all our employees. Our focus on taking care of our employees, combined with our reputation for integrity and quality, ensures that we are able to recruit and retain employees in any environment.  Our record for recruiting and retention is among the best in the industry, and we are committed to hiring and maintaining the best workforce available.

Contract Transitions

MEDS has successfully executed hundreds of contracts since our founding in 1984, and we have developed proven, tested contract transition processes and procedures to ensure our ability to effect a seamless transition. This capability ensures the Government will receive continuous, uninterrupted services at the highest level of quality throughout the transition process.

MEDS provides full-service, 24-hour, on-site facilities operations and maintenance for the multi-family/multi-unit complexes shown in the links below.

Shiloh Gardens Apartments

 Subsidized senior facility for ages 62 and up

2277 Banning Road

Cincinnati, OH 45239

Phone: 513.542.2108

 (Click logo for more information.)

Berean Village

Subsidized senior facility for ages 62 and up

230 Westview Place SW

Atlanta, GA  30314-2644

Phone: 678.399.6510

(Click logo for more information.)

Willow Run Towers

Subsidized senior facility for ages 62 and up

1915 Rideout Drive

Huntsville, AL 35806

Phone: 256.830.1046

(Click logo for more information.)

Spencer Trace Apartments

Conventional Apartments

5142 Wall Triana Highway

Madison, AL  35758

Phone: 256.970.4201

(Click logo for more information.)

First Towers

 Subsidized senior facility for the disabled and ages 62 and up

3409 Venona Avenue

Huntsville, AL 35840

Phone: 256.852.5402

(Click logo for more information.)